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Evolution- is this only Human ASSUMPTIONS?

   Let me try. . .to explain the why. . .if this position.

  1. Given the stated age of earth, at 4.5 Billion years, and life began at some 3 billion years ago, what human  Scientist was there present, to record these events, and with what instrumentation?
     2. Please remember there's only two (2) methods of doing Empirical Science...
  •       Develop a theory, and then devise an experiment, to prove or to disprove that theory.
      There have been numerous attempts to prove that life can begin by itself, in many laboratories on earth, but none have ever met any success? {Due to God's the only One Who can supply the spark of life)
  • To be present for both the visual and any up to-date electronic recording equipment, and write down all observations.. 

      Seeing as that neither options could have been available to any scientist, for any scientific observations, can we agree. that much of what is given and taught as fact, MUST be placed upon the shelf of human Assumptions?

     Lest we all forget, one of Science's ethos, is:Man's Search for Truth! We shall see that there is NOT any over abundance of truth with the idea of Evolution!

    So, for intellectually honest study, allow your mind to think, upon the following facts, without prejudice, and the many statements from the evolutionists themselves.

      3. In short what we have been told & taught since the the 1930's is that we know best, and this is a proven fact, that evolution can show how life began, and how it was evolved to its present states!

    If you have bought into this idea, please explain the following:

"The Real Jurassic Park" in an "Earth" Magazine: article by M. Schweizer and T. Staedter June 1997 PP. 55-57.

      Mart Schweizer and her co-workers looking at a dinosaur's  bone section, complete with red blood vessel channels.

     She wrote: "The Lab filled with murmurs of amazement, for I focused on something inside the vessels that none of us had noticed before: Tiny round objects translucent red, with a dark center. Then a colleague took one look and shouted, "You've got red blood cells!" -- IBID.
     It was then that she confronted her boss, "Dinosaur Jack Horner:
     "I can't believe it,' she said, 'The bones are after all 165 millions of years old. How could blood cells survive that long"?
      "How about you trying to prove they are NOT red blood cells?"

      So she tried. And the Verdict? "So far we have not been able to" (Ibid)

     Well now, the evidence, that hemoglobin, the red oxygen carrying protein, obviously has survived putting in doubt, the idea of millions of years theory.

PROOF: The reddish/brown material, the hemoglobin, was extracted from this Dino bone, contains heme units. Chemical signatures within, under specific wavelengths of Laser light, reacts because heme contains iron, thus reacts to magnetic fields differently than other proteins.These re-acted the same ways modern heme compounds do.
    To insure that there's no bacterial contamination, {which always lack the protein hemoglobin) extracts were injected into rats,over several weeks. No anti bodies were formed.
   The process of biochemical decay starts soon after death.,These cells should have long since disintegrated...... unless they were only a few thousand years old!

     This, obviously, throws out the slow gradual changes over great periods of time, led to to exclaim, Punctuated Equilibrium  meaning sudden and rapid changes followed by period of no change, but this does not explain, the presence of red blood cells in a "dino" bone, now does it?

     However, the deceptions don't stop there, who has heard of the PILTDOWN MAN or THE NEBRASKA MAN?

    The first was proved to be false, parts of a lower jaw bone, two pieces and a 1/4 section of a right rear section is all that was found. So someone put it with a ape's skull and called it the Piltdown man, and it was proved a fake, in 1930's, but it's still in our school text books,  WHY?
    The Nebraska Man, came to the fore, by a farmer's plowing a field, seeing something white, he picked it up, a tooth, which he gave to the nearest University. I wound up in England, where from only one tooth, a  man, a woman and a child were drawn, and put into textbooks!
    As it happened, the next season this farmer found a whole jaw bone, with one tooth missing, this also went to England, where they fitted that first tooth into an open socket, for a perfect fit! There was only one catch, even though the Nebraska Man & Family are still in text books,, it was declared the to be the jaw of a pig!

     WHY?  Why are they so quick, to grasp at straws,.in their quest to eliminate, God from the picture? How does that square up to their motto "Science is the human search for truth? to their present truth, "Science, human search for truth as we want it to be"?  How can YOU & ME accept this and still be intellectually honest with self?

REARRANGING the DATA:  a Book by Dr. Jack Cuozzo, "Buried Alive"

Most have seen pictures of the so-called cave man, the Neanderthal Man right? BUT how many know that they have the lower jaw forwards, by as much as 30 millimeters/ nearly 1" to give give the ape like look!

Ramapithecus: in the 1930's they found a full lower jaw with the lower right skull part attached. Yet from that jaw they drew a fully upright super long armed ape man! Would  YOU call that dishonest?

Australopithecus Africanus, as she is shown in in  pictures and displays, holding a tool, a walking stick? Note the human hand, and very upright stance. Plus look at the "contemplative gaze, they have given her, in text books.  Every attempt is made to "Humanize" these apes.

    If you've ever seen a picture of both a human and chimp pelvis, you'll understand there's no mistaking one for the other! Even more pronounced are the Skull's attachments to the spines. Humans are attached nearly centrally to the skulls, but chips and apes, are nearly at the rear most part of their skulls, and to see forwards they must bend at the knees, and lean backwards, to see the horizon!

Lucy: her bones were found along with many other animals bones, in fact even human bones, that every one can see they are human! Yet she is called our common ancestor, for both ape and man. They claim she walked upright, but have found no knees nor foot bones to complete her so to claim bipedal ring hollow!

MORPHOLOGY:  a change from one life form to another totally different than from before: IE: from egg to caterpillar, to pupae, to cocoon, to butterfly, or moth!

    Ask yourself, how does the moth or the butterfly, know which tree to lay her eggs? She's not ever ate a leaf in her life? The from all previous stages, she again is a moth or butterfly, yet although having no experience in flight, they fly, and they eat/drink nectar from flowers they have not ever seen ,so how do they know which is good for food, and which may be poisonous? Could this be part of the overall Creation?

Detrimental          Neutral                         Beneficial 

Disease           No Change            Add Information        no
                                                                yes                     I
No Evolution       No Evolution    Change Morphology   I
                                                            yes                   no  I   
                                                     Evolution Poss.-No Evolution

To put this in plain words, half a fish and half a salamander, are just not possible, just as 1/2 a fin and 1/2 a foot makes only for another' s quick lunch, thus no evolution. Cows don't birth pigs, and no woman has ever birthed a litter of pups, right? Kind produces kind! If YOU sow carrot seeds, I hope you don't wait for cabbages!

If any teacher, or Ph.D ever spoke up for Creation or against Evolution, they'd be out of a job faster than you can say WHAT? Thus evolution has but one sided point of view, and will tolerate no other, given rise to the Bible being a collection of fairy tales, and an allegorical view of Jewish History!
    Yet this also is changing, now that so much is known about life, in the cellular levels, along with the DNA, and genetics! We know that to begin life, is a odds ratio of 1 to the 240th power! Science accepts the fact that the probability of 1:50, in already in the realm of the impossible, yet it clings to the idea of 1;240th power is possible?

One famous evolution supporter belonged to the famous English family known by the name Huxley, they were philosophers and Ph.D's and it was Aldous who said this {paraphrased} "I don't accept God, because I want none to interfere in my sex life"

Well think we can extend this idea of self, to all others who embrace evolution? Mainly because because the Bible is as a mirror, that judges their personal actions in ways they don;t like?  {Just asking!}

COMMENTS?....................QUESTIONS?    john

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If, Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two, He would come unexpected, I wonder what you would do?
OH, yes we'd give our best and nicest room, and put on our best clean linens for such an Honored Guest, and make Him feel welcome.
Plus, of course, we'd serve all our best of food, all while assuring Him that we are honored to have Him.
Telling Him, that to serve Him, in our home, is a joy beyond measure.
However, IF. . . we saw Him coming would we meet Him at our door, or rush out to greet Him?
OR. . . would we first need to hide some stuff, as the worldly magazines, and place a Bible in their place?
Would you rush about, putting stuff outa sight, and hide things we know don't please Him?
And would you need to redial the radio or T.V to better programming, and hope He'd not heard?
Or would that last nasty word we shouted, and wish we'd not said it?
Would you need to hide worldly music, and place a Hymnal book instead?
Could you & me, really, and without shame, let Jesus walk right in?
Or would we need to hide, and cover up those Hollywood DVDs?
So I wonder. . . IF our Savior, yours and mine, spent a day or two with YOU.
Would you keep right on doing all that is normal for you, day by day?
Or. . . would you forget to ask Him to lead a table grace?
Would you sing the songs you always sing, and insist to finish that book you were reading?
Thus by our actions, let Him see just what we are feeding our minds and spirit?
Would you be inclined to call up your closest friends, just to have Him meet them?
Or. . .would you hope they stay gone, until He ends His visit?
Or. . . have we all forgotten  that for Him, there really are no secrets?
It might be interesting for each one of us to consider where we are in our personal relationship, with Jesus and others,
IF. . . if Jesus came in person. . .Just to spend some time with YOU!

Author unknown.

Jeff Reich from The Laymen Ministries:
"I would rather see a sermon, than hear one any day,
I would rather have you walk with me, than merely point the way.
Advice is often confusing but examples are always clear.
The eyes are better for people, and more willing than the ear.
The best preachers are those who live their creed.
To see it put into action is what everybody needs."

Many of us a super busy, here's an acronym we all should remember   BUSY
Y IS FOR YOKE, we all must take care not to be so busy, that we fall Burdened Under Satan's Yoke, gathering our earthly goods, none of which shall be with us in our graves, nor in heaven.  John


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EARTH in Space and Time.

Again there are two views, but there's only A SINGLE SET OF EVIDENCE!

  1. THE SCIENCE VIEW: This is ALL that is taught in schools, written of in all print, and shown in all media. 
  2. THE CREATION VIEW: This is the Biblical Rendering, holding GOD as The Creator Power
1A: Science says -- NOTHING came together, and, was located in one singular point in time and space,     perhaps no larger  than a spot, or even one atom. Yet due to it's compression level, it was super, super dense, and this caused it to explode, sending all that eventually became all that we see, in the Universe. Time frame? About 15 Billion Years Ago!

Well, That's a huge leap of faith, that's required to accept this, right? IF nothing came together, how can there be something? How can any gravitational field be generated, by nothing? Then we have nothing becoming something.  SOMETHING that was super dense, that led to its exploding!
  • how can nothing create a magnetic field?
  • how can nothing, become something super dense?
2A: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1, so I ask you, in the basic,'What's
        the difference between the two expressed views? In both nothing became all that we see, right?  Would you agree, that only a power humans attribute to God, could take nothing, to create something?

  1. Science: This "Big Bang", is still the reason why the Universe is still expanding, but in any explosion, stuff flies in all directions, more of less in a uniform pattern. Get a 'water-balloon', climb onto a ladder, and drop it on your driveway, and see that same level of uniformity!
     However, neither materials, nor gases, nor galaxies, nor anything, in the Cosmos, shows any patterns of uniformity, but rather, clumps and clusters, with huge open spaces of nothing in between!  Again science has no answer!  But take what science says are "The Natural Laws of Science" under which all things in the Universe, are controlled or governed by.

     Now which came first? The natural laws, or the nothing somehow coming together? Yes, much like the chicken and the egg, right? {The chicken came fully able to lay her eggs} However, we must first look at the night sky, and take notice of the obvious order of what we see.We, all have the wisdom to know, we can't detonate a huge explosion, in a junkyard, and expect to get in and drive off in a brand new Rolls Royce, that was the result, agree? So how does science answer this? They change the subject!

    Why, do we now know, of hundreds of moons, many in orbits around a planet, yet some move with their host's rotations while others are in retrograde orbit, moving in the opposite direction. Ditto for some entire galaxies! Science says, the super dot, was spinning, when it went "bang" therefore every thing spins in the same direction, but we know that's false! The forces required to have nearly half of Jupiter's moons, in a retrograde orbits, is more than enough to turn the moon into dust! Let alone getting a whole galaxy to be spinning in the opposite directions to the majority of galaxies! Again Science refuses to give answer.

    "The Goldy Locks Principal"; This little spec, this blue marble, is within the so-called Goldy Locks area, in space, in relations to other bodies with our Solar System! Here's why:
  •    IF-- earth was not on an angle, in respect to its axis, earth would be a dessert all around the equater regions N and S!
  • IF-- earth was but 10% of its average distance, closer to the Sun, our surface would be nearly as that of Venus, just a little cooler, thus lead would not melt.
  • IF-- earth was but 15% farther from the Sun, earth would be as the S. Pole, of today.
  • IF-- earth was but a little smaller, we would be as Mars, unable to retain liquid water.
  • IF-- our Moon, were as the average size of only our Solar system, earth's orbit would wobble and wander, giving us crazy seasons at best.
  • IF-- our Moon was 1/2 as far, further away, or 1/2 it size, see above and add, loss of tides thus no flushing of any tidal flats, which are our ocean's nurseries, as they become stagnant, nonproductive.
  • IF-- our Sun was but 15% larger or smaller, or father or nearer, all of the above ills would not allow for live as we know it!
  • IF- - Earth, The Sun and, the Moon, were NOT, in their present locations, at their present sizes, then full solar or lunar eclipses would not occur, and our knowledge of all three would be limited.
  • IF--- and this is a big one, if the earth/moon where not in the physical bounds of each, then earth's core would not be liquid, therefore no magnetic field produced, thus all life would be bombarded by the Sun's radiation!
     That's just far to much, far to many good news points, to be placed only on luck. If any think this is only luck, you should be in Vegas!

     No, friends, all this came about because of a meticulous plan, by Some One Who knew True Science, and the cause and effect of all things, as well as their interaction. In other words, Intelligent Creator!
    In closing, look and compare the order of Creation in Genesis, and the order Science says every thing came to be, and you'll see it is all in total opposition, yet we must ask, which came first "The Natural Law", the Universe, or the Creator of both?  In Biblical Hebrew the word eternity means, " From forever to forever" and God is eternal, man is not!

    Finally, can science or any scientist, create life, without cloning, without pro-creation, or able to give self or you eternal life? MY GOD can!
servant@frontier,com   John


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A UNIVERSAL FLOOD- is there evidenace?

Yes, there is both direct and indirect proof for a universal, as apposed to only local floods.

  1. Wherever fossils are found, the bulk of them have been found in many what science calls "bone Beds", meaning many animals, either articulated or dis-jointed, and piled up together. just as we saw from the massive but local flooding in Indian Ocean's huge waves caused by underwater earthquake, or the huge waves that hit Japan's coastal regions, showed clearly all bodies, animal and human, were gathered up into large piles!
  2. Does this not sound as a reasonable explanation for the so called bone beds? There's one in S. Africa, that covers many football sized areas,that both warm/tropic loving animals, as well as those from cold climates,including many fish types, all just jumbled together in a huge area!
  3. Then there's the KT layer, that is found in every continental land mass, of earth! As shown in the Bones in Stones, blog, this chalk layer can only be formed in shallow oceanic seas, even if they are found many thousands of feet in present elevations. That only shows and proves that mountains were shoved up, were under water, for at least long enough for these tiny animals to live and die, and their shells collect in layers, as deep as the White Cliffs of Dover, England, or as shallow as today Atlantic Ridge highest peaks.
Sadly, however science, which states is the human search for truth, will not, nor can it allow for the Biblical Flood, the one for which Noah and his three sons and their wives, a 8 person crew, built as per Heaven's blueprint, to hold themselves and all the animals the Lord had gathered up and put into the Ark. [Genesis 6-8.] Science can not allow for this to be accepted, because of their evolution's time scale, will not allow for two evolutions to spring up from nothing to all the life we see in both fossil and the living records of life today!

  • Quite simply put, their version MUST begin with a small single cell life form, that then via evolution evolves into larger and more complex life forms, and with a flood there's not the billions of years of time.
  • However, if the above concept is accepted, from simple to complex, would not the fossil record have many, many more of the in-between life forms showing the progression from simple to complex? It must! many times over yet there is none yet found. All fossils are from complex life forms, that are from completed animals and other life forms. There are not ever found a half turtle and half something else!
  • However all the while they are teaching or should I say preaching this, they also speak to the Pre and the Cambrian layers time frames, as an literal explosion of many differing types of life form, just like that,"Punctuated" they call it, no growth and then suddenly an explosion of growth in types and kinds of life forms.! 
  • Now which is it? I mean nobody can have their cake and eat it at the same time, can we? They can't have slow steady progression from simple to complex and still have an explosion of life forms fully developed ready for life and reproduction now can they?
  • All this is, of course, far ahead of their beginnings. The first life form on earth, came from, and YOU may choose, from space in a frozen rock and ice meteorite, or lightning hitting slime to zoo to you, or Outer Space Aliens sowed life upon earth!
  • How many persons know that those "Moon Rocks," were actually the source of heated debates, regarding just what age they needed to decide to make public? So much science's search for truth, right?
  • Also how many of you know that a few scientists have taken plain steel pipe with a pipe caped at each end, after inserting a plain wood dowel with a bit of water, tap water, sealed it up air tight, and put it into an electric furnace for two weeks, at 1,500 degree F, and when they checked it  it was nearly already a piece of coal! Yet science still claims coal is made of over millions and billions of years. Yet, man has made it in 2 weeks? So double, or triple the time and lower the temperature, and still make coal in months!
  • Now take a whole earth flood, one that deposits all earth's vegetation in many areas, but huge deposits in a few places! Albania, has an brown coal open pit mine that's the world's largest, coal is mined as far as the eye can see. Right here in the U.S. there a hard coal mine whose proven reserves are staggering,  average 50 miles wide, and in places over a 100 thick, and 800+ miles long. Most is coal from trees and three bark, this must have been the result of what could only have been a Universal flood!
  • Plus, there's evidence in most of earth's dessert areas, that water covered then at one time, but that also is on the 'Verbotten List"! If one points these fact out them they quickly change the subject!
  • Much of this science fully rests upon the table of Relativity! As in how old is this rock? "Well it's all relative you know! Just pick an age, you are comfortable with? 
  • Most sadly, all this and more is still taught as proven facts, in MOST, but not all, the schools, on earth, as the gospel truth, when they know it's all a lie!
  • From  Nothing  to nothing equals nothing, and only God can change that equation! Perhaps He did say "BANG" when He spoke all into existence!


Revolutions-Tyrant and Wars A Hidden History!

  • This is only using these persons own words, as they wrote them, thus they are not mine!
  • Plus this deals only with these mentioned power systems, and only those in charge of them
Have this said, please know that all these power system, all do much public good, which is the reason so many join these very systems, but truly only those very top leaders, know the true purpose of their being, and whom they each serve!

  • Most have heard or read, something about the "Spanish Inquisition" right? But how many know this was across all of Western Europe, in fact even in Portugal's Goa, all the way to W. India, as well as Spanish and Portugal territories in the Americas.
Any one interested, can go to any Library, and read Fox's Book on Martyrs, and read that upwards of 50 million people had their lives taken, because they had either:

1: A hand written Bible verse on their person..
2. Refused to worship as ordered by the Roman church leaders...
3. Or had an actual Bible, written in the local tongue.....

In point of fact there's an Scottish man named Wycliffe, who was in custody, taken to London, but he passed away before they got there! However when public tides changed again, some 40 years latter, an edict from Rome, declared that his remains be dis-interred, and burnt, and his ashes be thrown in the nearest river! It matter not one whit to this man, but just think of the mindset required of those who gave the orders? Yet they had then and now, claimed to be worship God, and His Savior Christ Jesus!


Please check me out at  then in search bar type this blog's title

Who remembers anything about the "Templar Knights" who by His Most Catholic King of France, who broke the Treasury, [remind you of anyone President today?] under terrible lies accused them all of devil worship, tortured and then killed most of the leadership, stealing all their property, and much treasure! But as long as Rome got its share, there was little problem. But they did not fade into history, they are today's Knights of Malta, with the white shield and the red Cross, and the circular  red cross with all equal lengths, each with pointed ends. {We see this on a few Pro Team emblems}

Now whose heard or read of "The Friends of Jesus Society?" perhaps best known as the Army of Loyola [St.Ingatius 1491-1556] it was he who with Pope Gregory XV created the Jesuits in 1540, who then shortly afterwards took over the "JOB" if the Inquisition, from the Benedictine Monks! It was Jesuit Monk by the name Tetzel, who became famous for selling the Churches indulgences [ in plain speech prepaid for sins]A story goes, that he sold one such prepaid for sin, to one who latter robed him of all coin. When he was brought up for charges, the robber produce his "Receipt", and the magistrate dismissed the case! He was know to shout out, at each coin dropped into his box, which was to pay for St Peter's Basilica in Rome, "At the sound of another coin dropping into this box, means yet another soul has gain entry into heaven!"
{As if heaven's entry was for sale, with crass money!}

 Now let's focus on the largest such open yet secret society, in mass of numbers, The Free Masons, who also do great amounts of good, all around the world. However we need only to look at our own founders to find the extend of their power! Most of the Presidents, throughout our history have been 33rd Degree Free masons! The only one who was not a member of high rank, was JFK, who was a Catholic, yet do you remember the stir he caused, by questions as: "Do you obey the Pope of our Constitution"?

check out this site: Accurate? Not know to me. . . http://www.vatican

It is the Knights of Malta, who still are in the Banking Business,[they originated back in the CRUSADES} behind the Rothchilds and others who control earth baking systems in the free world. Who know our history? Take a search at all Presidents who were assassinated or severe attempts made, and all had but one thing in common, they voiced their opposition to the imposed banking system. In point of fact both Lincoln and JFK, had been shot, within weeks of their speeches coming out against the banking system, the latest being the Federal Reserve, WHICH IS NOT. . .A PART OF THE GOVERNMENT BUT 10 PRIVATE BANKS!
Abe Lincoln put the full cause and blame for our Civil war as he called it that Damnable army of Loyola  the Jesuits and their Priests and Nuns, who plotted for war! {This in a letter readble on a DVD by this same title from Amazing}

If you have ever been near or inside a Masonic Temple, note: There's never a window in the main room, ever! Note also all the Occult symbols of Crescent Moons, sunbursts, with or without a face within, the all seeing eye {of Horus} of the black & white tiles on the floor around the alter, which is not so called but a podium-[Janus the two headed Roman god, which each looked left and right shown usually in profile]
plus many winged creatures and owls, and pentagrams [like the star of David] but with horn upwards for the Goat of Mendez] How many have seen the buildings of Yahovah's Witnesses, or the worship halls of Mormen's Latter day Saints? Notice the lack of windows in them also? Well both of these Denominations were started by guess what rank? 33 degree Free Masons. As also was Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky Lodge of the Orient Paris France, who also claims Ben Franklin, who visiting England first when to the modern founder of the Scottish Rite Free Masons and the Rosacrusions, why? History has no answer that I know of.

Now we come to Albert Pike, head man for the U.S. Masonry, and his counter part in Italy,  Mazzinni, who wrote a few letters back and forth, and one by Pike, [most Masonic Temples have either his portrait, or his bust within] who wrote in a 1871 PLEASE note the date! That all other associated societies must co-ordinate efforts to bring about WW1 and the WW2 and beyond that WW3!

Purposes: W.W.1 would be required, to foment the Russian Revolution and instal an Communinstic Government, that would tear down the Universal's break away Orthodox Church, because the Tzars fully protected this church, and to do much harm to the northern parts of Europe which were, and still are mostly Protestant. We know from history, that the Vatican was not a fan of the Jews, nor of any other faith that adheres to the God of the Holy Bible! By the way the Nazi's have the name for mass killing of Jews, but the Russians, from 1914 to at least 1953 and Stalin's death, killed twice as many Jews as they the Nazi's did!

W.W.2. Again a hidden purpose . . . N. German towns and cites, were very often bombed, more than any southern city, again due to mostly Protestants, and Rome has not forgotten the Reformation, nor is there an room for forgiveness in their leaderships. She also urged the atheists to take eastern Europe, so as they could re0inforce their Universality,  to appose Islam, for the term Catholic means in Latin Universal! Plus always remember the public face is far different from the private face, they also pushed for the Jewish State to be re-instated, via the United Nations, in the which the Office if the Holy See, which control this nation's, The State of the Vatican, banking and foreign policies, they have an office and a seat at the U.N.! No other Denomination has this but then no other Church is both Religious and Civil at the same time!

     Now history and the Bible both speak to the fact of the distaste between the half brothers Isaac and Ishmael, through whom each two nations grew. Isaac the Jews and Ishmael the Arab, and there's been precious little peace ever since, right? Now can you see the reason for Pike's calls for W.W.3?

Purpose W.W.3:  Those who dream & plot, want this war to be be so bad, so extensive in scope, and with such a great loss of live between the Atheists, the Islamists and the Jews with the Christian Protestants, all  trying towipe each other from the face of this earth, that the events are so horrific, that all the living will turn to the Pope, and ask Him to lead us into peace!

Who has not heard that self proclaimed Communist Van Jones say this, "From the bottom up. to the top down, and then in from both sides?" Now put this with the W.W.3 plans!

Matthew 24:3 "And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man deceive you"?

Learn this for yourselves!

NEXT: "The Universal Flood"

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This is no attempt to change your mind, but asking only to look at the same evidence is s different way.

1st: Would would YOU, disagree, that unless YOU know another beginning in time, their date of birth, You can only guess at their age, agree?  Well it IS, the same for the age of this earth. For there surely was NOT a scientist present at the foundational beginnings of this earth, right? Therefore ANY age given by anyone, is only subjective human thinking, thus nothing more than human ASSUMPTIONS!

2nd:  Then, if we have no specific "birth date", and whatever materials we are using to read any date/time/age, until and unless we know each of these values or levels at "birth", any age we say, can NOT have a bases of fact! Nor can we measure, the rates of loss of the measured materials, over times past, due to our own ignorance of the sciences involved.
     Thus, if we have unknown levels of decay, and know not the levels at or in the beginning, then what value have reading for us today, NONE! In fact Mt St. Helen's blew in 1985, and rocks sent to lab for age dating came back with each lab's date differing from all others, from 10.000 to 2.5Milliom years old! Yet the same science holds that we can't measure a rocks age, from an eruptions, no closer than 5 years apart.
     What do these fact do to the "Earth is 3,5 Billion years old idea"?

3rd.  Who has seen/heard of "Dinosaur" Jack on any so-called "Learning Channels"? One of his assistants, exclaimed "How can these red blood cells be here, how can they survive for 160 million years?" She had found soft flexible tissue inside a T-Rex bone, and asked for help, Old Jack said, "How about trying to prove they ARE NOT red blood cells"? 

4th: Fossils are dated by the rock layers they are found within , BUT rock layers are dated by the fossils found within them. Now if this is NOT circular thinking, please, tell me what it is! A=B=A=B=A!

5th: Evolutionists tells us that humans evolved from a now lost line, that also produced the apes. Therefore we live, and if lucky we love and are loved, then we die, the end, right?
A. How hopeless it this?
B. How does evolution's 'survival of the fittest' come to explain the facts about human conscience, and how it evolved, and how was this a help to survive?
C. Suicide, for teens to age 26, sees an alarming increase with each passing decade, why? Well the "Experts" proclaim its increasing population and the ever growing pressures of competition. Perhaps there's another explanation: they all have been taught, for tree generations that we came from nothing but slime, and are the uncles of apes, thus we live, we die good bye! But instead of putting up with all of life;s hurts, ills, and angers, seeing there's nothing but death, why not die now as save themselves much pain?

6th: Most of us have heard speeches about or of the KT boundary, well for years past the German language was the mother's tongue of Sciences, and K came from the German word for chalk, as in writing chalk Well it is a established fact, that there's a line of chalk, as in the English white cliffs of Dover chalk, around the entire world, in various thicknesses!
    So what's it consist of, and how was it laid down or made?
    It is the remains of sea creatures that have died, leaving behind their shells if you will, so if earth is in truth 4.5 billions of years old, how come we still have deep oceans? These shell like remains, dissolves in deeper ocean waters, but not in shallow waters, thus we can see the mountain tops of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the tallest of them are covered in white just as snow on peaks, on land.
     Then ONLY way, this around the earth layer, could possibly have been formed is during a world-wide flood, that destroyed all surface life and vegetation. Science just can NOT allow for this to be accepted, because under their evolution idea, all life would have to begin again from the slime to the Zoo to you and me, and that earth would have to double in age to 11 billion year old!

7th: How can anyone with only a very few bone fragments, 1/4 of a jaw, three or four pieces of a scull totaling less than 2% of the whole skull, still draw a complete form and have it nearly human looking? Or they tale a fossil skull of a human, move the jaw bone 12 inch forwards, and take a picture of if and call it a caveman?  Does all this not stick you the least bit dishonest?

8th: Does not all these facts and questions make YOU ask WHY? Why are they doing this?

Check back again, and find out what this and Karl Marx, Engles, Hitler, and the French Revolution have in common!
Check back soon

Thursday, November 17, 2011


     YES! Not only regarding the what, but also the how much, will most emphatically show up in our waist size. For example, many people are becoming more aware about their health, and that's great! Yet what many have chosen to replace animal proteins, with T..V. P. foods. These Textured Vegetable Proteins, have been so overly processed, by high temperatures and high pressures, that most of the nutrition  values has been removed, Our system can't use this stuff, and it becomes only a little better than saw dust used as a filler.

   The Food science industry, can make, from chemicals, materials and liquids, that smell and tastes, just like any fruit. That's like saying strawberries, without the strawberry, is it not? But with meat, that tastes like meat, and has the mouth feel, and the food value of animal flesh, is still beyond human grasp. Tofu & Turkey, are an increasingly used as a substitute for the turkey, but I ask WHY?

   If one desires to remove flesh, for whatever reason, from their diets, why put any effort in trying to find something, that looks, that smells, and that tastes like turkey? To me, perhaps a silly old man, this is akin to putting a piece of glass on a ring, and passing it of as a diamond! It ain't gone fool no one, is it?

   Therefore, no matter the reasoning, behind one's decision to go vegan, be it the planet, or the animals,I go back to the old, "No one has ever suffered from the 'Mad Tomato Disease.' "

    Nor, to my knowledge, or searches, have I found that the Vegan diets, produce any health problems, such as blocked arterial systems, digestive system cancers are rare, as are heart attacks, providing you have a well balanced diet of fruits, nuts, whole grains of all types, all the leaf and root vegetables in, at least two or three colors, each and every day. Please, though keep in mind, nuts are a very dense and calorie rich food, so limit them to perhaps a table spoon or two, daily.

    Many speak out against this diet, claiming lack of proteins, and iron, than meat supplies, right? Yet the truth is that ounce for ounce good old dry beans, legumes have more of both iron and protein values, than beef! Yes, it's called the "musical food", but there's a simple solution, soaking then for about 24 hours in plain old H2O water, changing the water 2,3 times, will get rid of the gas producing material. Of course one can also, use a drop of "Beeno" {trademarked] before you eat your beans, Beans over brown rice, is s simple yet hardy meal, that's quick, inexpensive, yet a filling, and good tasting meal, especially following a good salad, with almond sauce and sprinkled with sun flower seeds or toasted pine nuts.

    Lastly, what we eat, greatly controls how we smell, to others, in our body odor as well as our breath, take the "Stinking Rose" the garlic for instance, it can really give one a breath, that makes others run for cover. But that need not be, roasted cloves, especially sliced, seems to remove this offense, without loss of nutrition


G.M.O's. The genetically modified food.

   Yes they still insist to call this stuff FOOD! Grains, such as soy beans, have been re-engineered, to accept and tolerate weed killer sprays! This includes canola seed, and a few others. So, when you eat foods made from these products, guess what you also eat?

    Take the tomato, and inject within its D.N.A. from the D.N.A. of a fish, in order for the "NEW" tomato to be more frost resistant!

    Never, ever before, has nature, within itself, allowed cross-species genetic changes, thank goodness, cows don't birth pigs, but men are shoving human growth hormones into mice, that then grow to small rats in size! Now please tell me the purpose for this? They have done the same in pigs, but they are fully unable to stand or walk, due to muscular and skeleton defects. All because of the quest for greater profits, via increased yields, and or a faster maturation rate for livestock.

    So, how is this possible, you ask, because don't we have Governmental Agencies, over looking these things, in order to protect our society?

   Well. . .yes & no! You see the Department heads, from the F.D.A. Agriculture Dept., and a few others within the Alphabetic array, we find they play "musical chairs," with Managers! The head of a drug company one year may be the head of the FDA the nest year, and then switch back again latter. This goes for most of our so-called 'watchdog agencies', yet YOU expect that they have YOUR best interests in mind?
For documentation: 


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Let's give a few facts, then YOU will know the answer.
Norway, per 100,000 {per capita} consumes more dairy products, than any other nation on earth!
Norway, per capita, also leads the world, in hip fractures, due to "Thinning of Bones"!

WHY? Milk, cheeses, especially the hard types, are very acidic, and your body works very hard to maintain a neutral balance between acidic and alkaline! The ONLY source of material to buffer acid foods, is for our bodies to use calcium!

The ONLY source for calcium, are the bones, yours and mine, so over a long time, and many meals with diary products, and all animal meats, these highly acidic foods, makes our bones so porous, so thin, so weak they break!

In many nations, where the staple diets, are more vegan, heart attacks, strokes, diabetic suffers, are almost6 unknown.

By the way, the F.D.A. allows up to 750 puss cells per litter [3.4 litters = 1 gallon] in milk? Sorry pastured milk still has them, but it takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese, so
milk is 8.6 pounds per gallon or 3.4 x 8.6 x 750 pus cells per pound of cheese, Bon Appatite??
Europe allows only. . . . 625 pus cells/liter.

Does this old saying, bring new light? "We are, what we eat"?

Many love shrimp, clams, crab, lobster, and all kinds of marine live that have not scales nor fins, right? Do you KNOW, that they all preform the same functions as a carnivore on land, as well as the crow, the buzzard the eagle and the vulture?

Their job, is to take out the sick, the injured, as well as all the dead! That's the diet of all crustaceans, and shell foods, they filter out whatever comes down to them, so are you ready for a nice breast of vulture sandwich? Or do you prefer to toast & eat the contents of your vacuum cleaner?

Harsh, yes, but so is dying years before your time, because of choices made by those whose incomes are these products, that will shorten life spans!

Yes, a silly question, all would agree, correct?
Yet how many of us, actually choose a lifestyle and dietary habits, that will, and shall go a long way, towards giving all the "Good Health" each wants?

Please allow me to ask another question: "If you've bought a new car, [good for you] whose advice would you follow for its care and maintenance? Your local grocer, or the actual maker of your car?"
That would be silly to follow your grocer 's advice, agree? So, why not follow the Maker of us all, for His advice regarding what we should eat for maximum health?

Genesis 1:29 ."And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

Yes, this is making a choice, and many think that a Vegan diet makes for a weak looking person, but who remembers Jack La Lane, who on his 70? birthday swam from Alcatraz to shore, while towing a Cabin Cruiser?
Let's also learn that elephants and Parrots, both vegetarians live, even in the wild, up to 70 years, far outliving all flesh eaters.
It's becoming a well known fact that on the average, the Seventh day Adventist, live 7-10 years longer, than the average rest of us.
They are for the most part vegans, abstaining from all animal products, as food.
Of course, if they choose to over eat, refuse to exercise, other than pushing buttons on a remote, or lifting forks, than even vegans become obese.
"Eat moderately of all things that are given as good."