Thursday, November 17, 2011


     YES! Not only regarding the what, but also the how much, will most emphatically show up in our waist size. For example, many people are becoming more aware about their health, and that's great! Yet what many have chosen to replace animal proteins, with T..V. P. foods. These Textured Vegetable Proteins, have been so overly processed, by high temperatures and high pressures, that most of the nutrition  values has been removed, Our system can't use this stuff, and it becomes only a little better than saw dust used as a filler.

   The Food science industry, can make, from chemicals, materials and liquids, that smell and tastes, just like any fruit. That's like saying strawberries, without the strawberry, is it not? But with meat, that tastes like meat, and has the mouth feel, and the food value of animal flesh, is still beyond human grasp. Tofu & Turkey, are an increasingly used as a substitute for the turkey, but I ask WHY?

   If one desires to remove flesh, for whatever reason, from their diets, why put any effort in trying to find something, that looks, that smells, and that tastes like turkey? To me, perhaps a silly old man, this is akin to putting a piece of glass on a ring, and passing it of as a diamond! It ain't gone fool no one, is it?

   Therefore, no matter the reasoning, behind one's decision to go vegan, be it the planet, or the animals,I go back to the old, "No one has ever suffered from the 'Mad Tomato Disease.' "

    Nor, to my knowledge, or searches, have I found that the Vegan diets, produce any health problems, such as blocked arterial systems, digestive system cancers are rare, as are heart attacks, providing you have a well balanced diet of fruits, nuts, whole grains of all types, all the leaf and root vegetables in, at least two or three colors, each and every day. Please, though keep in mind, nuts are a very dense and calorie rich food, so limit them to perhaps a table spoon or two, daily.

    Many speak out against this diet, claiming lack of proteins, and iron, than meat supplies, right? Yet the truth is that ounce for ounce good old dry beans, legumes have more of both iron and protein values, than beef! Yes, it's called the "musical food", but there's a simple solution, soaking then for about 24 hours in plain old H2O water, changing the water 2,3 times, will get rid of the gas producing material. Of course one can also, use a drop of "Beeno" {trademarked] before you eat your beans, Beans over brown rice, is s simple yet hardy meal, that's quick, inexpensive, yet a filling, and good tasting meal, especially following a good salad, with almond sauce and sprinkled with sun flower seeds or toasted pine nuts.

    Lastly, what we eat, greatly controls how we smell, to others, in our body odor as well as our breath, take the "Stinking Rose" the garlic for instance, it can really give one a breath, that makes others run for cover. But that need not be, roasted cloves, especially sliced, seems to remove this offense, without loss of nutrition


G.M.O's. The genetically modified food.

   Yes they still insist to call this stuff FOOD! Grains, such as soy beans, have been re-engineered, to accept and tolerate weed killer sprays! This includes canola seed, and a few others. So, when you eat foods made from these products, guess what you also eat?

    Take the tomato, and inject within its D.N.A. from the D.N.A. of a fish, in order for the "NEW" tomato to be more frost resistant!

    Never, ever before, has nature, within itself, allowed cross-species genetic changes, thank goodness, cows don't birth pigs, but men are shoving human growth hormones into mice, that then grow to small rats in size! Now please tell me the purpose for this? They have done the same in pigs, but they are fully unable to stand or walk, due to muscular and skeleton defects. All because of the quest for greater profits, via increased yields, and or a faster maturation rate for livestock.

    So, how is this possible, you ask, because don't we have Governmental Agencies, over looking these things, in order to protect our society?

   Well. . .yes & no! You see the Department heads, from the F.D.A. Agriculture Dept., and a few others within the Alphabetic array, we find they play "musical chairs," with Managers! The head of a drug company one year may be the head of the FDA the nest year, and then switch back again latter. This goes for most of our so-called 'watchdog agencies', yet YOU expect that they have YOUR best interests in mind?
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