Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Long life=lifestyle Choises

Ever wonder why some, in the same family live to 100, and others barely make it to 5o?
Many say it's genes, but the first sentence, then becomes troubling.
No, friends, it not genes, but our genes, are as a loaded gun at our temples, BUT our choices in Lifestyles, DOES--- pull the trigger!
Tobacco, in any form, just can't be healthy, in fact no inhaled smoke could be. Neither is being a omnivore, eating anything and everything any human calls food! There's a few areas that are known to have above average number of 100 year old beings still active. Okinawa Island being one, the other, is the area, around Loma Linda University & Hospital, near Redlands, CA.
What do both the peoples, living in each location, have in common? Both eat no animal protein or very seldom. Both are primarily vegetarians! No use of butter, milk [that's only for babies] cheeses. Both fill up mainly on grains, fruit, nuts and vegetables, each food as natural, not processed! These facts are not dismissed by publishers of Prevention magazine by Rodale Books, in their book "Food Is Your Best Medicine," quote: "Secrets of the Seventh-Day Adventist. The real reason why Seventh-Day Adventists have 50 to 70% lower death rates from cancer than other Americans. p.645."
Would it be a surprise, to learn that this percentage, very closely follow the diet given to Adam & Eve, being herbs,seeds, fruits and nuts.It was so for over 1,000 years, and it kept Adam alive and well for 930 years! [Gen.5:5]
That was a God made diet, for God made humans!
However if the evolutionists, want to believe their beliefs, then may I ask, if evolution is fact, how is it, that Mothers still NOT have six arms and hands, for all the work they do? Of course, they also believe that dead stuff, coming together, creates life! But they yell, we believe in fairy tales? Dead stuff=life?