Tuesday, July 24, 2012


No  this is not avoiding the answer, but it depends wholly upon WHOM you ask this question, and through which of two totally different glasses they look through, as there is but one set of evidence!

Those, such as myself, look through the eye glasses of Creation, while the evolutionists will insist on using their glasses,and while the evidence is the same the conclusions are 180 degrees apart!

First let's ask three simple questions, all of which put to question the evolution's "Survival of the Fittest" ideas!

1. In the Survival of the fittest, how can human love come to humanity? Love focuses one attentions on others, those one loves, thus not at all conducive to generate survival instincts of self!

2. Again, with this Survival mode, how and where did the human conscience evolve? The Survival of the fit, must hold the hurrah for me and @#$% to all others, right?

3. Finally, just how would the human actions that puts self'' s life and limb in danger to rescue another human being, how would this fit within Survival of the Fittest?  How did all three Evolve, in spite of this law of the Jungle, survival of the fittest?

4. "Natural Laws", They are most certainly a fact, that controls how all things react within the entire Cosmos, but they MUST have been in place from the very beginning of Creation, whether YOU accept the GOD SPOKE, or the human "Big Bang" ideas, right?
Q: Do laws create themselves?
Q: Why does gravity not pull all things together into one huge ball? After all 14-16 Billions of years, should be enough time to have all of the Universe, slam back into one or two "worlds", right?

So what keeps the Universe, from doing just that? What power is there that Science, can't find, or refuses to name? The power that by whom all things consist?

Colossians 1:17. "And he is before all things, and by him all things consist."

This word CONSIST from the Greek Sunistao' [soon-is-tah-'o]  to set together, to exhibit, to constitute,make, stand(with). Strong's 4921

Remember science is by humans, thus are not infallible, case in point: "During the 1950's science said "Bubble Bees should not be able to fly" Of course science spoke no bee, and bees don't speak English, so they kept right on flying!


Q: What;s the best way to age a fossil? What age of rock layer was it found in?
Q: What the fastest way to date the rocks? What kind of fossils were found within it?

A Creationist, sent three rock samples to 3 different labs, all post eruption lava from MT. St. Helen' s, new er cones! He got back ages from 1.2 million to 8 billion years old, all from rock that had seen sunlight for less than two years!  Remember those Moon Rocks? they used a consensus date, after all the discussing they all agreed on a date, an arbitrary date, without any bases of geoscientific fact.!

Both intellectually and scientifically false!


1. In personal observations, with all relevant testing/recording equipment that's available at the time!
    SO who was the person (s) that were present when earth was created? Who was there to record the first flicker of life?

2. Develop a theory, and devise and experiment to prove or disprove the theory.
     There's been collectively, 1,000's of hours spent around earth's Labs, to create life, any life form, without success. Yes Amino acids have been made, but that's like saying, "Well I made a fingernail material, so I've made man!" GOD only has life within Himself, and no man can create it!

Therefore Empirical Science, MUST dictate, that all this evolutions stuff, is nothing more than Human ASSUMPTIONS!


   That's what far too many PhD types want you to buy, as to how life began! They speak to shallow ponds, slime and lightning that produced all life we see, and all life forms now extinct, coming to us only as fossils!

    This picture is as erroneous as a $3.00 bill!
ALL LIFE FORMS plant, animal or insect, whatever, has their DNA, and yes the PhD types are not above telling us, that there's only 3% of difference between man and chimp, BUT what they DO NOT tell you that there's only a 3-4 % DNA Difference between YOU and a slug, and even less between YOU and a Mushroom! Shows that this straight line DNA comparisons are next door to worthless!

Plus, when they speak of swamp ooze and chemicals combining together to form a life form, they know is totally false, as they know full well that chemicals can not store nor carry, nor transfer, any information, which is what ALL DNA does. It is DNA that tells what the each cell must produce, and even the Amoeba, a single celled living creature does much of what we do:
1 Moves. 2. Eats. 3. digests. 4. eliminates. 5. procreates. 6. has a large amount of DNA that controls those functions, Just as they do in your body!

So for them to say life is just P.D.L. PURE DUMB LUCK, IS JUST PLAIN DUMB!
In point of fact, for the last 50 years, Micro-Biologists, have been at odds with this idea, in fact with the newest Microscopes they can enlarge 50,000 times, and at that range, one human living cell, shows as much activity within it, as a ONE SQUARE MILE of New York City at rush hour traffic! The cells have "Factories", "warehousing" and transports "Trucks" hauling material from factory to warehouse to distribution to other cells, and for use within the cell!  {Yet the PHD types wants us to think all this was the results of some accident?}
  All that for ONE CELL, and you and I have billions of them within our adult frames. BUT each one MUST be there, and in their proper place and all    all fully functioning for life to even be! Yet they expect us to accept their words about we being but an accident of nature? Whose trying to kid whom?


   IF:  earth were only 5% closer or father from our sun, life as we know it would not be possible, what's 5% of 93 million miles?

   IF: earth were the size of Mars, earth would be as Mars, desolate, without discernible life.

   IF, earth did NOT tilt its 15 degrees off Axis, our climate would be either summer or winter, the Arctic would shrink, but the Antarctic would expand to cover much of Australia, New Zealand S. Africa.

   IF, earth spin on its axis were much faster or slower, our gravity would be greater or lessened to match

   IF, earth did not have a nearby huge planet, Jupiter, earth would have the same pock marked surface as our Moon!

   IF, earth, was not located where it is within the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, we'd not have the night time views we do, as much of our nearby  locations are but as dust clouds, Remember Stars are there for men to tell the seasons.

    IF, earth, was in fact 4.5 or so billions of years old, most of the land masses would have been eroded into the oceans, just look at the Mississippi Delta, and know that in a few 10 thousands of years we can walk from New Orleans to Cuba, and not get our feet wet!

     IF, earth, was this old, all the earth's salt would be in the Seas,  its waters,so dense you can float hammers on it!

    IF, earth, is this old, then with our Moon receding, moving away from earth, at a know rate, of inches per year, then 3 billion years ago earth and the Moon must have been joined, as one! What happened?

    IF, earth, is as old as the PhD's say, then why do we still find Helium in our atmosphere? This gas is so light that it readily escapes beyond earth's gravitational field! Yet we still have it here!

    IF, as the PhD's say, all life became to be from a single celled form, to all we see today, and we know that no mutation is helpful, to any life form, it is not possible for any life to mutate into another different form, because the DNA is not there, with this information. Cats are not birthed by pigs, nor has a woman ever birthed a litter of pups!

Genesis 1:24. "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so."

Note: Kind after Kind! Do you go to an apple tree, to look for bananas? Or Peaches? No kind produces kind, cows do not give birth to nothing else but calves that grow up to be cows! We have TEA-Cup Poodle that weigh less than 2 pounds but we also have Mastiffs that top over 200, yet both are dogs, right?
   The variation is due to the built-in ability of any species, in order to adapt to differing climate conditions, yet this does not include human manipulation of the gene pool.
   Man cross bred the donkey and the horse, to gain a mule, but they are sterile, thus each is but one generation. Ditto with all such artificially produced mixed up animals as the Tiger/Lion or Lygar, which can NOT survive in the wild!

Few have ever read Charles Darwin's book"The Origin of Species" 1848, and fewer still know of Darwin' s "bulldog" Huxley, a Father and two sons, all of whom where Authors and Teachers. It was Aldous Huxley, who said, "I'll not have a God, dictate my sex life". Well that's a really self-centered reason to deny God, much of  today's  wedding Vows of "Forsaking NO others", is very comparable!

   FEWER still have read this from Darwin's book, Paraphrased. . . "The white race is far more evolved than the races of color., in fact they are to be used as slave labor, and in times of war, as cannon fodder."

    It is not, nor should it be a surprise to anyone, that both Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, admired Darwin, as the above thinking allowed them to view, others as just a little better than mere animals! But of course this is not P.C.  [Perverse Citizenry?}

    Thus the long and the short of all this is: Science can't test, measure nor weight God, so they remove Him from all their thinking!

    Those Churches, who try to "BLEND" Evolution with Creationism, as many do today, along with Paganism, I have but one Question for the "Teachers" and one for their Laity!

Teachers: How can you make me believe that you accept and believe the Holy Bible as the sole Word of God, when YOU reject the first 11 chapters of the Book, and all subsequent mentions of this info there after?

Laity: How can you accept teachings, from one who rejects all information found in Genesis first 11 chapters, and all references to this in the rest of the Bible, and still believe he/she teaches what they believe in the rest of the Bible, while you just sit there, meekly accepting error?

Is this not unlike a apple pie, without apples?

To me the MOST important Bible verse is....>

Genesis 1:1. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

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