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                            CONCLUSIONS? TO ASSUMPTIONS to OUTRIGHT FRAUD.

     Why can we come to this harsh conclusion?
There's but ONE set of facts, therefore it depends totally and entirely on one' s belief system, as to how these facts are understood, correct?  Even the most casual reader of the Creation Account in Genesis 1, will allow the readers to see these facts.

1. BIBLE: God created all things Gen.1
    Man: Natural change processes can account for the existence of all things. {Why can man create life?]
2. Bible: World created in 6 literal days YOWM lit., warm part of day from sunset to sunset -24hrs.
   Man. World, and universe "Evolved over eons of time.{Helium Gas, so light gravity can't hold it  cont;]
3. Bible: Creation completed Gen2:1-3. Last creation? Sabbath day.
   Man: Creation process ongoing still. [Seen any new evolution forms of late?]
4. Bible: Ocean before the land Gen;1:2
    Man: Land before the oceans
5. Bible: Atmosphere between two hydrospheres. Gen.1:7
    Man. Contiguous atmosphere and hydrosphere.
6. Bible: First life on Land Gen.1:11
    Man  life began in the oceans
7. Bible: First was land plants. Gen.1:11
    Man: Marine organism evolved first.
8. Bible: Earth before Sun and Stars. Gen. 1:14-19.
   Man: Sun and Stars before earth
9.Bible: Fruit trees before fish Gen.1:11 [trees all adult and bearing fruit, for food for all land-life]
   Man: Fishes before fruit trees.
10. Bible: All stars made on the fourth day Gen. 1:16  Gen2:2 God ended His work on the 7th day.
      Man: Stars evolved at various times, still new ones "born"
11. Bible: Birds and fishes created on the fifth day. Gen. 1;20-21.
      Man: Fishes evolved 100's of millions of years before birds appeared.
12.  Bible: Birds before insects. Gen.1:20-21
     Man: Insects before birds.
13. Bible: Whales before reptiles. Gen. 1:20-31
      Man: Reptiles before whales. {whales developed on land then evolved back to the oceans per men]
14. Bible: Birds before reptiles, Gen 1: 20-31.
      Man: Reptiles before birds.
15: Bible: man before rains. Gen. 2:5,7.
      Man: Rain before man.
16. Man before woman. Gen. 2: 21-22.
      Man: Woman before man   [how long before man?]
17. Bible: Light before the Sun. Gen.1:3-19.
       Men: Sun before light.  Science still knows not how natural light is made]
Note: Can you see that human science hold views directly in opposition to the Bible on all things?  WHY?
        Cont. #2, helium so light, if earth was even only millions of years old, there'd be no helium left.
18. Plants before the Sun. Gen. 1:11-19.
      Men. Sun before any plants  [God's Word at times is counter intuitive to us. ]
19. Bible. Abundance and Variety of marine life, all at once. Gen. 1:20-21.
      Man. Marine life gradually developed from a primitive organic blob {names of witnesses , please?}
20. Bible. Man's body made from earth's dust. Gen 2: 7. 
      Man.   Man evolved from the ancestor of the apes  {far be it from me, not to allow them to be a "Monkey' s Uncle", right?}
21. Bible. Man excercised dominion over all organisms Gen. 1:28
      Man. Most organisms extinct before man.
22. Bible. Man originally a vegetarian Gen. 1:29 [until sin there was no death, for any life-form]
      Man. Man originally a scavenger of meat
23. Bible. life in fixed, distinct kinds. Gen.1:11,12,21, 24,25; 1Corinthians 15:38-39.
      Man. Life forms in a continual state of flux. [ Seen any 'Fluxing' of late?]
24. Bible. Man's sin is cause of death Romans 5:12
      Man. Struggle and death existed long before man evolved.

Do you see any pattern here? If the Bible says no, then evolutionists say yes! They are in full opposition to any thing of God! But then so is Satan, right? If one believes in evolution, then that one MUST deny God, and become an Atheist! Each is mutually exclusive!

Matthew 7:15-20. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

History proves that the fruits of evolution has been all types of anti-Christian systems of beliefs and practices. It has served as the intellectual basis for Hitler's Nazism, and Marx and Engels Communism, It has prompted apostasy, atheism, Secular humanism, revived earth worship- Giaih,  and liberalism, as well as establishing the bases for ethical and moral Relativism, which sadly has spread like a cancer in society.. The mind and general welfare of mankind has suffered greatly as a direct result of this Naturalistic philosophy, just look at our news!

Scott Huse: "The Collapse of Evolution" 1983- Baker Book House, pp.122-124.

   "According, to the Bible, man is a responsible creature. One day he will give an account for his life's actions and motives. But when man is viewed as the product of some vague purposeless evolutionary process [note by accident], he is conveniently freed from all moral obligations and responsibility"  "After all, he is merely an accident of nature, an intelligent animal at best." According to the Darwinistic Religion." 
Note Italics are mine. JB. And please make no mistake, evolution IS a religion, that requires much more faith than accepting the Bible! As it requires the total belief in man!

                      EARTH--YOUNG or OLD? FACTS NOT ASSUMPTIONS nor FRAUDS.

Assumption ONE: NO DAUGHTER.

Anyone ever looked, with knowledge, on a chart showing the DECAY STEPS for Uranium U238, {the Mother}to loose its radiation activity, by known steps, to become different materials all the way down to becoming lead 206Pb, the Daughter.
    But men ASSUMED, that when Uranium U238 was "brand new", it was at 100% purity with Zero lead particles in it.
     However, as this was well before science, as we know it, we know this could not have been subjected to Empirical Science! Therefore this is nothing more than pure guesswork, right? Did God indeed create Uranium U238 in a 1005 Pure form? Thus no Daugther-206Pb lead in it?
   This is unknown and unknowable to any man! PLUS, it is Mathematically impossible to have two variables, in one equation, and still be able to solve it!

   To put this in another way: "If you enter a room, and find a burning candle, you can by time and measurements, find the burn rate, and from there simply figure out !. How tall it was. 2; How long it's been burning, right?
Unknown Variables:  1. Was the candle burning continually? 2. Or did some3one put it out and latter relight it
                             3. Was there a open widow making a breeze causing a faster burn?
Thus, these unknown and unknowable factors none can deduce, with accuracy and say "This candle was this tall at the beginning!"

 Ditto for Science' s #1 Assumption- Earth's age.!

                             ASSUMPTION TWO:  CONSTANT RATE of DECAY .

     The Process rate of decay, Must always have been the same. As we saw, the two unknowns, in #1 Assumption, it would be of no help, too add even another unknown and unknowable, into the equation, would it?
     Scientists, now know, via experiments, that process rates, can be altered by various factors. Decay rates can be sped up or slowed down, in certain substances, when subjected to various types of radiation, heat and pressures, "BY THESE VERY SAME PROCESSES THAT WE FIND IN NATURE!"

     So, when a Radiation Detector is used, and as we see, dealing with three unknown and unknowable factors, it's not POSSIBLE to arrive at a meaning full date, whose accuracy is in doubt, and not worthy of the time nor energy expended to gain it!. This Rock dating is less than an "Educated guess"!

     This assumption is by far the most ludicrous one of all! Unless, they have found specimens, that since creation, has been hermetically sealed, thus fully insulated and isolated, from any and all influences, from any and all environmental impacts and conditions, this assumption, has a zero bases, as a study foundation.
     This one is the "Emperor's Clothing," and has been 'invisible' from its conception, and is nothing more than a a drowning man 'grasping at straws'.!

Science means the SEARCH FOR TRUTH, right? It MUST be securely rooted upon provable facts,    or observable facts, repeated over and over without change. Thus this FAUX or false science of evolution is wholly founded upon assumptions and very few facts.
   Yet for all their foolishness, the New Darwinist Theorists N.D.T's are proud of their atheistic views, and are quick to ridicule anyone who does not, or can we say within the Education fields, DARES not accept their foolishness of life from slime to Zoo to you ideas, as the Holy Bible, in their minds is a but a lot of wishful  thinking, and it's believers as fools!

    To those who believe and accept God through Christ Jesus, can take comfort in the fact that the word FOOL, appears 62 times in the Old testament alone! But look......>

 1 Timothy 6:3-4. "If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,"

Note: Vs. 4' s Proud meaning a fool blinded by pride. Strifes of words- argues over the least important. Railings- blasphemy. It seems that those who boldly, and with seeming pride, declare that God does not exist, seems this verse fits the bill. How sad, that they know not, the "True" ' peace of mind' only God can give!

                                                QUICK/FLASH FROZEN ANIMALS.

    YES, not only the Mammoths, but man has found also, the rhinoceros, the hyena, the oxen, the saber-toothed tigers, hippopotamus, the donkey, the leopards, the ibex and of course the giant Wooly Mammoths.
    What, can I ask, where all these tropical and sub-tropical animals doing in the far north's frozen desserts? Were they on a vacation perhaps, and got caught in a sudden winter squall that froze them all in time and place?
      Or was this whole earth a tropical zone in the beginning? Why else would we find both tropical animals and plants, in what is today an area north of the Arctic Circle? Why can we say this region was tropical?
Q: oil comes from what? buried, decomposed vegetation matter, right?  Why we get oil from beneath the ice!

    So, some those ancient animals are discrete entities [life forms, fully formed and living, at one time] have been easily identified, as equal to today's bison or buffalo. Plus science does know, what factors or conditions it requires to flash freeze such large animals, even the Mammoth found with still bright yellow buttercup flowers in their mouth and belly.
     According to testing done, it would need a -175 F. temperature and a windchill factor of a 200+ mph wind with it, for at least a 4 -8 consecutive hours. The lowest recorded to date on earth, in nature was -128F  with an unknown windchill factor.

Psalms 104:1-9 . "Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honor and majesty. Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain: Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind: Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire: Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.  Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains. At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away. They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.  Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over; that they turn not again to cover the earth."

Note: LIGHT  Gen 1:3, let there be light, this one the first day-- but sun and stars not until vss14-19 and that was NOT until the 4th day!  Stretchest out the heavens  this fact unknown to any science until Hubble, "discovered this fact by the use of the largest then telescope on a mountain near L.A. in the late 1920's early 1930's so how did David or Solomon know this fact? THE DEEP...science has asked, if the Flood covered all earth where did all the water go to? Well how many deep sea trenches are there, and we now know the volumes of of water they alone hold, enough to cover earth, without mountains, which where lifted up after the flood and the ICE AGE which was the result, and thus have the weather conditions to allow even Mammoths to flash freeze, and keep bright colors of flowers with their system.

Colossians 2:8. "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ"

Note: Rudiments - Constituent; principle [s] Sound just as if God knew that  this would be coming, right? Nearly 2,000 years before the fact.

                                 DNA: THE LANGUAGE OF THE CELL.
                A Language no N.D.T. can wiggle away from! 

DNA- the information system of all living cells, of all life forms!  It contains the blue-prints needed to manufactured, in humans, the 2,000 and more different proteins. Each protein in made in little "cell factories", at the directions of the DNA. and is indispensable to any and all life.

SO WHICH CAME FIRST? DNA being essential in the building process with the womb, the seeds of plants, producing proteins essential to the DNA, then reason must state, "You can't have one without the other" agree? Meaning both must have been together, right from the start, or life would not, indeed could not be! Each requires the other, within each cell.

     Scientists call DNA the "language4 of the cell", and all agree, that language requires intelligence, because language is information, and that is non-material. This is  long around about way of saying, "Language requires a non-material intelligence to create it!"

   Yes, many have scoffed at this, but I ask you..... Chimps are about the smartest animals on earth, right? Do they have a written language? Know of any books one may have written? NO, of course not you say, but they do signal on to anther!
   YES, but then so do all other of earth's animals, even mice, but makes not a language in our meaning of the word, agree? Yet the whole of the Story of Life, is written with only 4 letters as best as man knows.! Via the Human Genome Project, heard of it? Scientists around the world agreed to "chop=up" the 'double helix coil" and each studies but a small section of it. Still it needed ten [10] years just to ID the main "Chapters" each of which controls a part of our body. Still at this writing is unknown which "Sentence" controls what, or even which "Syllable" or which "Vowel" does what, and where, yet all this is expressed with the sequence of only 4 letters as per man.All this makes a single color jig-saw puzzle simple by comparison.

    Still the Evolutionists, would have you believe, all that came by random change, over billions of years!
 YUP that's the reason why elephants have red eyes, so they can hide from you in the cherry trees, right?

                            MUTATIONS, WHAT ABOUT THEM?

     Mutations, who has ever lived with one, or having personal experience with one, that they considered as a benefit, to that one?  You see reader, any mutation, is the result of a loss of information within the DNA, eithe4r by actual loss, or by a gene that has been "Switched off". This has no bearing or a Regressive Gene, that will produce a white,  but NOT an albino life form [Most never get old enough to breed as they are just to visable, and become lunch!}

DR: Werner Gitt, "In thye Beginning was Information." [Bielefeld, Germany "Christliche Literature-Verbreitunge. V. 1997, p.80-81.

"It is impossible to set up, store or transmit information without using a code." {language is a code, jb]
"It is impossible to have a code apart from a free and deliberate convention." [agreement on usage]
"It is impossible for information to exist without having a mental source." [computers are made by intellectual beings]
"It is impossible for information to exist with having been established voluntarily by a free will."
"It is impossible for information to exist without all five hierarchical levels: statistics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics ans apobetics."
"It is impossible that information can originate in statistical processes."  {can't form itself jb}
    "Information is non-material, but it requires material media for storage and transmission. Information is NOT life, but the information in cells is essential for all living beings and all life forms. Information is therefore a necessary prerequisite for all life."
    "Life is non material, and it is not information, but both entities, matter and information, are essential for life."

AS anyone who can read, with only simple understanding must come to this conclusion: "That since information requires a code, and a code requires a mental source, thus mindless evolution of new genetic material is technically impossible!"

I, repeat, if Mutations are still upheld, as the foundation for and of evolution, then why are not all the New Darwinist Theologians,  moving self and families over to Chernobyl, to evolve to their next 

                                              THE RECEDING MOON.

     Many remember the Apollo Moon Missions right? On one such mission, they placed a target on the Moon, for a Lase Beam to get an exact distance measurement, between earth and the moon. Over time they found that this distance is increasing and the the moon is moving was from earth at a rate of near 2 inches per year.

    Now working this backwards, and taking the rate of movement, which has held quite steady, of all these years since, then by going back into time only 2 millions years, the two would have collided in less time than that!
    So where and what does this do to all those Higher Educated PhD's who hold and teach that earth is 4.5 Billions of years old!  {Note, who remembers is I, that in the 1950' our teachers told us this was 3,5 billions of years old? To give another billion years for evolution to do work?}

So what their response? "Well a huge asteroid hit earth, knocking of a huge chunk, where it and the moon, now relocated, hit each other and blended into what is now our moon!
Note: So another assumption all without any possible shred of evidence, right? PSST wanna buy a bridge cheep?

OK, lets look at this, instead of what many hold as earth's as earth age of just under 7,000 years, it is in fact 4.5 billion years old, and the earth/moon distance has been constant at 2 inches per year thus 2" X 4.5 billion years {2"= 1foot every 6 yrs. 4.50,000,000,000 divided by 6 = 750,000,000 feet divided 5720 = 131,118.88 miles further from it currant 280,000 miles or half again as far, making the moon at least 1/2 the visible sight it is! If wrong know math was never my strength, but you do the math]

    But to this the the N.D.T's holler, you just can't project rates as being constant just like that! {Funny, but this is what they do in  their projections of age or values, and why earth is 4.5 billion years old, right?} If it;s A OK for them why not for the rest of us?


Ernst Haeckel deception earned him a discipline action way back in 1880's. Yet this picture showing the commonality of a human fetus with a chicken a salamander ect, in this fraudulent attempt to prove evolution's ideas, are still in many a text book yet today. Even though they they were shown to be a fraud again in the 1030's but are still in School texts today, because of vested interests, that stand against God!
   He decreased some features, increasing others, in size to "prove" his point. For instance what he termed as gill slits in the human embryo, were in fact folds {pharyngeal pouches, that become the inner ear! And the human spine it at its formation, the longest part, this he used as being our "Tail;, just as the salamander. What he did not say, is that very soon the body catches up with this spinal growth!

Just as none of the evolutionist ever, never ever bring up Charles Darwin's written statement that evolution for all non-white races, was still a long away behind the white race, thus they were in his mind, OK to be used as slave labor, and in war used as "Cannon Fodder"! This is why both Hitler and Stalin used minorities in the methods they chose,.

 No not at all very P.C now is it, nor right by any other standard either! but that was Darwin's ideas also! But
have you  never hear the Secularists speak to this but instead  say, "There is no absolutes in right , in wrong, nor in truth, what was wrong today may not be wrong tomorrow, or wrong for you but not for me!

                             WHERE and HOW DID HUMANITY ARRIVE AT THE WEEK?

Most know the year came to us from earth's rotation around the sun, right?
Most also know the month, comes from the Moon's cycles of about 28-30 days , agree?
The day of course, comes from the day-night of earth's rotation on it's axis.
So where, and upon which solar occurrence did our 7 day week come us? Absolutely nothing! So how did man arrive at the 7 seven days? Nothing divides by 7 in our sense of time measurements, not a month nor a year, which has 52 weeks of seven days!
   The French during their Revolution that did away with all laws, both Divine and human for 3.5 years, tried a three week moth of 10 day each week, but that was never very popular. So where did we get the 7 week from?
In Genesis 1 and in Gen 2:1-3, "For in six days God created,  and on the seventh day he rested, and He Sanctified that day! Meaning made this day a Holy day, can man or men make anything holy?  NO!

If you read Exodus 20:8-11 you will learn this also contains God' s Seal of Office just as any official govermant seal gives the Mane, the title and Territory ruled or governed.

Exodus 20:11. "For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it."

                                   OUR LOCATION WITHIN SPACE.

Have you ever heard of this phrase, "The Goldie Locks Principle?" Within the vastness of only our Solar System, earth is but a pin prick in size, and with the whole of the Cosmos, we are but an infinite point.
We humans could not know until post Hubble Space telescope, when they trained it to look at our surroundings just how empty it really is in our "neighborhood".

Job 26:7. "He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing."

Note: Yet Moses wrote this some 3500 years ago! Near the middle end of the "Classical Greek Age", who knew it was Atlas their god, who carried earth on his shoulders, while standing a a large turtle that swam in the either, which put out the sun each evening!
     How did he know that this "North" place was empty? Unless God had told him? Plus remember Hubble with the MT Wilson observatory in L.A.  and by the :Doppler Effect" found the universe is moving away form us, 1n 1930's!

Now if we were only 5% closer in distance to our sun, life ,as we know it will not be possible. Now at 5% further away again life would be so cold as to remove the possibility of  most life.

Plus, of our Sun were but 5% larger or smaller life as we know it, would not be.

Plus, if our Moon, were 1/2 as large or 2X as far away, there'd be little or no tides and our tidal marshes would become as stagnant stinking pools, and !/2 of our marine life would perish as this would spell the loss of their hatcheries.

Plus if it were not for our Moon, earth core would be cooled down enough to eliminate any movements of the core thus no or very little gravity, and earth would be as dead a Mars!.

All in all that's just far too many things to attribute to P.D.L, Pure Dumb Luck, agree?

Plus if our Solar syste4m was not inside the Sagittarius Arm, of the Milky Way Galaxy , but the next arm over to the center, the radiation would prevent all life as we know it. By the way until Hubble, looked through his scope, all science thought the Milky Way galaxy was the entire UNIVERSE!

                       QUESTIONS N.D.T's HAVE NO ANSWERS TO.

 Life, why are we here? 
What is our purpose?
What if anything, is next?
In their "Survival of the most fit" how did we receive.....>
1. Our ability to love, beyond self?
2: Our willingness to risk life and limb to save a stranger?
3. Our human conscience, how did men gain this?

We must have received the 1-3 points above from our Creator God, as evolution can't supply this, because of its just survive baby survive ideals.

                      THE PALUXY RIVER BOTTOM,near GLEN ROSE TEXAS.

After a severe flood eroded this portion of this river down to bed rock, the foot-prints of a three-toed dinosaur showed up.Not that this is unusual at all but mixed within the mud then, and now turned to stone, were human foot prints, within the the Dino prints tracks. This mean both walked on this patch of mud before time and prssure turned it to stone!
     How sure can we be that they were human?  well on print was cut out from the rock, and exasminded by Drs. Carl Baugh and Don Patton, and they found that under the foot print things that are pressure structures, calle4d "Lamination's:" This is also found within any fossil foot print  of a human foot.

A film titles "Fottprints in Staone, shows them as well as some of the same prints that some "OEVERZEALOS" evolutionists tried to blow up and detroy this evidencial truth!

Dr. Don R. Patton @ Metroplex Institute of Origin Science, Inc. P.O. Box 550953 Dallas TX.75355-0953.

Dr. Caarl E. Baugh @ Creation Evidences Museum and Archaeological Excavations, PO BOX 309 Glen Rose TX. 76043 {871} 897-3200

The Institute for Creation Research [www.IRC.org}

The Answers in Genesis [www.answersingenesis.org]

Matthew 24:4. "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you."

Please know that both the Creationist and the Evolutionist, have only the very same facts, and evidences before them, and each will use this evidence, as each believes, or has been taught!
Neither can be proven by science, as men can't go back into time, and science can NOT measure nor weight GOD!
Yet I hope my feeble effort here, has shown you that there many a hole in this theory, and that all it it is or can ever be, a theory of evolution, or Life without God!

To learn more about the Holy Bible, find and visit your local Seventh day Adventist Church any Sabbath/Saturday at 9:am